We've been spoiled by life

and we want to give it back through gestures of solidarity, "says Bernard Mester who is at the initiative of the collaboration of the Old's with the association Humanz. "It is oriented around 4 axes: help for sick or disadvantaged children, help for the poor, help for the culture sector and help for the environment and animals."

An eco-friendly action

The first action of the Old Panthers and Lions took place on November 6 and 7 in Loupoigne, at the Ecosphere farm. It is a farm that has created a partnership with the CPAS of Genappe for the return to work of young or old adults in difficulty. A dozen Old's rolled up their sleeves to plant 51 fruit trees.

Thermos action

The next action took place on december 30th in the evening at the Botanique Metro station in Brussels to prepare 120 meals in a small start-up restaurant, pack the meals and redistribute them as part of the Thermos Action, which distributes food to the underprivileged and homeless.
The famous challenge of the Old Lions and Old Panthers with Human'z is therefore well established in concrete actions.

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